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Originally Posted by Crossroads

Am I the only one disappointed by the TPS/Louisville product line? They used to make top of the line stuff. . . I'm not impressed after checking out their latest the other day. I feel they've replaced Itech in the 'cheap' category for pads.
Which model did you try out?

My brother had a pair of Louisville Xhale's that were probably from 200 (can't be sure) and they were pretty decent. They didn't rotate all that great, nor did the five hole close exceptionally well, but they protected very well and were built like a rock. I think some of the reason why people are disappointed with Louisville may stem from the fact they're very much a "hybrid" pad. If you're a pure butterfly guy, there is much better stuff out there. If you're just looking for something that protects well and will last, and can function in different styles, and I don't think they're too bad.

I used to be a Brian's guy- mainly because a buddy of mine was a distributor, and he got me wholesale deals on the gear.

But- I'll be honest- the durability of the pads I owned (Altramaxx) was not great. They wore out pretty quickly- busted straps, frayed toe bridges laces and even more alarming, the toe bridge housing itself separated from the pad after about 2 seasons of use. Granted- this was in 1999, so they might have fixed that with the Beast product line.

I switched to Eagle in 2001 and have used them ever since.
I get wholesale deals on them as well, but I wear them because I really like them. The new pads I'm getting will be my second set of Beast equipment (actually, I'll probably keep the beast glove/blocker I have now and take my brother's Vaughan gloves so I'll have two pairs) and I've never had any real problems with them, though I've never tried the Altramaxx line. From what I've tried, I personally feel the Beast is the best all-around pad, at least for the way I play.

Eagle is really good, and stating to get a big following. I tried out Eagle Fusion's that looked identical to the model Robert Esche uses, and I was completely astounded by why he would even use them. They slide really well, rotate good, and close up the five hole very nicely, but they're very hard. For a goalie like Esche who has poor rebound control, these are the absolute worst pads he could wear. They'll give up some fat rebounds if that is a part of your game that you struggle with.

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