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10-28-2003, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean
Roy's jersey will be retired WAYYYYYY before that of Dryden. Not EVEN in the same league.

Patrick was a pionneer in the hockey world. His style of play has been modeled by hundreds, if not thousands of goalies since. His presence has brought back the pride in goaltending at the minor league level. Before him, kids in the nets were the most awful skaters, most awful forwards in hockey. NO ONE wanted the job. Then, Patrick came. Since then, it has been incredible.

In this province, his influence on hockey has been as great as that of Rocket Richard. My kid plays at the novice level and you cannot believe the quality of goaltending and teaching there is. The best hockey players coming from this province are now between the pipes. Dryden had NO influence at all. He was good, no question. I've seen him play. I was a goalie and he was my model. But Roy changed everything. His performance against the Rangers in 1986 has been unmatched ANYFREAKINGWHERE. Those who had the privilege of watching that game can attest to the incredible performance he gave. I had shivers, I recall.

Roy is and will always be a Canadien. No matter what. The Avalanche is an anomaly. It's a team with no tradition. That will probably disappear in smokes when this crop of excellent players give way to some basement-quality others.
I know he is a great goalie and cropted great talent. But who cares, the habs are almost as big as hockey when it comes to tradition, greatest franchise in sports(OPINIONS, NOT TO DISCUSS HERE). Who cares what he did for the sport, you retire a # for a team, not for a league, well at least that is what we are debetating here.

The habs turned there back on players? ****, how many of you people say TRADE KOIVU TRADE THEO, you guys want a winner above anything. Maybe not you, but ****, that is all I hear when I come here is trade the players that mean something. You here think that the Habs gave the fans what they wanted, Championship after Championship? Roy turned his back on us, ASK TO BE TRADED, not the habs trading him cause they wanted him gone. What you rather have, great players finish there career looking like ordinary players, or trade them away and win some more championship? I can see you guys want to win, and thats what they did.

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