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10-24-2011, 10:13 PM
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The problem is, what if Bob would have gotten up to Bryz quality in 0-3 years from now, given the opportunity? Bryzgalov hasn't been THAT consistent that we have secured a top 5 goalie for 5+ years, even if he is one now. Where would you put Bryzgalov in the context of starter goalies? 1st? 5th? It's always hard to rank goalies, but I think there's a few that's definitely better, and some who looked better last year but you don't know it'll last because what defense you have in front of you can make an average goalie look like a superstar. Guys like Rinne, Price, Miller, Quick, Lundqvist, Kiprusoff, Ward, Fleury, Vokoun, Hiller, Luongo... Will they be better or worse the coming 5 years? And even guys like Halak, Bäckström, Lehtonen, Varlamov, Montoya... You just don't know when it comes to goalies. The team they have in front of them can make a massive difference.

Therefore I think the contract is ridiculous. Like with Giroux, you KNOW he'll be top10 forwards and top5 centers the coming 5 years, or even 10. But with Bryzgalov you just can't know that, by a longshot. Not even that he'd be better than Bobrovsky if he got the confidence from the coaching staff.

If we want to be a contender right NOW, we gave up a lot better players than we got in return to fit Bryzgalov in to our team. Couturier and Schenn won't make a difference this year compared to Powe and Betts (but in the future of course, but then they will be as expensive as Richards and Carter, and it's not sure they'll be as good, hopefully they'll be better). I was furious when we made the trades, but I see know that probably Schenn, Couturier, Simmonds and Voracek will be better than Carter and Richards in the long run, but I'd preferred another goalie, not as expensive, I mean we could've waited another year, because when we threw out Richards and Carter we threw out our realistic chances to win the cup this year.

Because in just a few years, Schenn, Couturier, Simmonds and Voracek combined will be much more expensive than Carter and Richards combined. And then we sit there with our Bryzgalov contract, and have to lose one of them yet again, and we won nothing on the trade.

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