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10-24-2011, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
After watching the post game hi-lites and Jagr(meister)'s two goals and subsequent salutes I suddenly got the feeling of him being like an old WWF Wrassler -- Sgt. Slaughter? -- where a one time villain becomes today's hometown hero... Somebody once said that there is never so sweet friend as one that was a onetime enemy.

I remember me yelling down on the Spectrum and CoreStates/FirstUnion/Wachovia ice as whistles echoed... "Hit him dammit" as Bundy was trying wih all his might to control him -- and God Bless Chris, he did a real good job a it... all things considered -- Now I see him saluting and smiling and hugging my Flyers and i is as if I never hated him a second... I want him to succeed and re-sign for another season or so and retire a Flyer.

Funny also how I have forgotten Talbot shushing us after he suckered CarBom into a fight and rallied his Pens as they came from way back and kicked our ***** from the First Round... Five years or so here, and I'm kinda happy he's here.

A couple Bad Guys seeing the light and becoming Good Guys... Like Sgt. Slaughter going to battle against the Iron Sheik.
You're showing your age. I remember when Jimmy Snuka became a good guy after a fight with Bob Backlund.

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