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10-25-2011, 02:59 AM
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Trade this cocky bum for a 1st Rnd Pick and a Top Prospect...before he gets seriously injured.
And what the **** was that? (Cammalleri behind our goalie playing around with the puck, casually losing it and even bringing it closer to our net to give it to the opposition...was so bad it looked intentional (like a player trying to get his coach fired).

Yes he delivers in playoffs (lots of goals) and I love that, but he's just ****ing awful in regular season (ZERO defensively). Keep him IF we can make the playoffs! IF we can't make the playoffs I'd rather our Habs end up at the very bottom (or close) versus 9th or 10th (missing playoffs by a few points is a nightmare).

p.s.: I absolutely hate Cammalleri's annoying rat-like cocky smirk in interviews (like he's above everyone on the team). He answers questions like the media owes him a lot for anwering each time. Cammalleri needs to eat a lot of humble pie (something Gorges and Darche have a lot of). Loved how Gorges recently said ''our fans deserve way more than this...we've got to find a way to win for our fans'' (never heard anything similar to this from Cammalleri).

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