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Originally Posted by cheerupmurray View Post
On a sidenote, hockey is in a good place in Sweden, getting lots of media attention, have ok attendence numbers and good tv-ratings. It's the nr.2 sport in the countrie in terms of what sport people care about. The national team continues to be very popular. Handball is popular in some towns and is much cheaper to play than hockey. It would be hard to seriously make a argument that it's more popular than hockey in Sweden though. The media attention and the attendence figures for the Handball-league isn't even comparable to the hockey-league.
I don't think many people said handball is even close to hockey. I would say floorball (innebandy) is more popular than handball at the moment too. But one would be CRAZY to deny that when the handball national team goes far, it gets a TON of coverage, and especially when we had our golden age as mentioned, it was competing with hockey in TV ratings for the big tournaments.

(And as I said before, I live in the Swedish handball metropole, where we have no other pro teams than 4 handball teams, 2 men 2 women )

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