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Originally Posted by Islanders1932 View Post
Scott Gordon was unfairly blamed for his team. He is in Toronto now as an assistant coach and they seem to be doing much who really knows if this was the right decision.

Nah, firing Gordon was a good thing. My case for that:

He wouldn't adjust his "system" to account for the fact the team had nowhere near the speed to implement it. He had Witt joining the rush every play then got mad when the guy couldn't make it back into the d-zone. A good coach adjusts to the players, at least a little...make some exceptions. Let a slower, meaner vet like Witt play something a little closer to the defensive game he's accustomed to, rather than trying to reinvent hockey on the guy when he's a few years from retirement.

He refused to allow the team to stand up for itself, which was demoralizing as a fan...I can't imagine what it was like for the players. Snow would call up a fighter and Gordon wouldn't even give him a shift after an opposing team flattened one of the team's skill players. That's where Cappy was a huge breath of fresh air.

You could tell the team had become just as mentally fragile as Gordon was. The guy would storm out of press conferences for no reason, and always looked like he was two seconds away from a major meltdown. That doesn't seem like strong, confident leadership from the top to me.

If there's a problem I have with Cappy, it's that he's starting to act as pissy as Gordon was. The Isles play better when they're not thinking too much and just letting their skills do the work. They need a calming influence at coach, which Cappy was last year. He loosened things up a little from the rigid robot Gordon, and it paid off. I think he should get back to that, rather than this stiff, scowling Cappy we've seen so far this season. Who is that guy?.

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