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11-03-2005, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Brad
Which model did you try out?

My brother had a pair of Louisville Xhale's that were probably from 200 (can't be sure) and they were pretty decent. They didn't rotate all that great, nor did the five hole close exceptionally well, but they protected very well and were built like a rock. I think some of the reason why people are disappointed with Louisville may stem from the fact they're very much a "hybrid" pad. If you're a pure butterfly guy, there is much better stuff out there. If you're just looking for something that protects well and will last, and can function in different styles, and I don't think they're too bad.
I tried out the Xceed and the Xlite's.

I totally agree with you on your point about TPS/Louisville making a hybrid pad. They just didn't fit my style. The thing that surprised me the most, were the Xceed's that I tried out. They're being marketed as TPS/Louisville's top-of-the-line pad but they just did not feel like it. The workmanship on the lower half of the pad was brutal and looked like they'd fall apart after a full season of use. I didn't like the straps either.

For some reason, they just remind me of the product Itech put out ~5 years ago. They would be great for a kid 13-16 years old but once you get into a more high level of hockey, these pads would be brutal.

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