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10-25-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Souvenirs View Post
you said he's useless. How can a guy that is PPG with the Habs in the playoffs be frickin useless? He's also our only forward who can possibly put up 30 goal a year. You deal Cammy, then what happens? You need to search for a top goal scorer again.

This is the same story every year with Habs fans. They want to get rid of a bunch of players , then once they're traded or let go, they go and be useful elsewhere and people here start whiny threads about our ''****** asset management'' while they were the same ones who wanted them gone. Latendresse, s.kost, ribeiro, wisniewski, hamrlik... hell, how many people wanted Hamrlik to gtfo last year? A whole lot, a poster even had ''euthanize Hamrlik'' in their name. Then we let Hamrlik go, what happens? We suck on D, and fans complain we should have re-signed him.
Exactly. As I said even if the Habs are to have a horrible year we are not in rebuild mode, keep Cammalleri and Plekanec, all of the youngsters and move forward with them. Try to move some veterans that are on their final year of contract and be a solid team for next year. Something like the Flyers did and the Devils last year, they had a bad team but they didn't trade Kovalchuk, or Parise or Zajac. They drafted a hell of a player in Larsson and are still very competitive

We trade Cammalleri and then going to be looking for a pure goal scorer for another 10 years

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