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10-25-2011, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by BluelineHammer View Post
BUT I will say this: fights rarely just happen out of the blue, they happen for a reason. Guys get chippy and rough before they get to dropping gloves. Sometimes there is history between players or team that might lead them to a fight. It IS the refs job to control the two of them before it gets to a fight. If guys are getting very physical and chippy and you see things possibly escalating then as a ref you need to blow the whistle and step in there and send both of them off to cool down, as well as remind them to back off of each other and tell them that you will not tollerate what they are doing. It is a refs job to have control of the game, and if you notice that things are getting ab bit out of hand, then it is your job to step in before a fight breaks out.
Good points here. I am thinking about becoming a ref now because of my love for the game and the attention/awareness I would like to bring at every level. In the OP I was hinting at the idea the refs didn't seem present. Hockey players compete hard no matter what and deserve conscious officiating to help keep things under control.

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