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10-25-2011, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by habitants19 View Post
Please get rid of this bum. Been sayin it for years, he scores 20 goals and gets 45 points last year.......and we do what? We pay him like he makes the kind of money a 70 point player should make. It is ridiculous.....he is a less talented less consistent version of AK 27. I won't go one saying we should have drafted a number of different players back in 2004 but the fact we still have this guy on our team and we pay him more and more money each time his contract is up is a effin joke.

We won't get anything for him unless we add a prospect, and knowing Pierre Gauthier....he is scared for his job right expect to see a Tinordi or a Kristo traded away with him for a quick fix.
Know many 26 year old NHLers that make $3.25m and score 70+ points? I think even when the cap was first introduced, a 70+ point player would expect to get around double what AK gets right now.

AK was drafted in 2003, not 2004.

Erm, there is nothing factual about saying that we pay him more and more each time his contract is up. His current contract is for the same value his previous contract was.

Even without adding a prospect, Andrei Kostitsyn would fetch something in return even if he was traded by the people posting on this board. Whether that return would be deemed satisfactory by said people is another matter entirely, but he would fetch a return.

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