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Originally Posted by braun247 View Post
I am currently using a Lidstrom blade (Lidstrom Mid Deep Very Open 5 (not 5.5) Square Medium). It is getting harder and harder to find these blades.

I am thinking that I will be forced to go to a new blade soon. Does anyone have any recommendations? I play defense and am short, so I need a 5 lie. I also have been using a square toe for years.

I have looked at all the blade charts and can find blades that have both a 5 lie and a square toe, I just don't know enough about Curve Type, Curve Depth, and the Face Angle. What does each of these do? I really haven't found enough info online to tell me the difference.

Thanks for your help.

Curve Type: Where the curve starts, e.g. the heel, mid, toe, etc. Lidstrom/Getzlaf curve is a heel curve. The "puck pocket" happens earlier in the blade, so there's more puck-blade contact, which is good for slap shots (where you're mostly going for pure power as opposed to a quick release)

Curve Depth: the "severity" of the curve. For example, the Coffee curve has high curve depth, and a totally flat blade would have none. A huge curve would do interesting things to your ability to puck handle, but it'll wreck your backhand (or at least make it much more difficult). It also adds a bit of an element of unpredictability to your shots. Supposedly also adds more velocity to your shots (see huge hooks like Ovechkin pro-stocks).

Face Angle: How open or closed the blade is. Lidstrom/Getzlaf has a very open face. A more open face let's you get shots off the ground easier.

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