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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
It sounds (and this isn't a criticism) as if you have an issue with his personality more than anything else. I'm sure there are many who agree. The guy may not be the type of coach that players/fans (certainly writers) like... I recall that being a selling point once Renney was fired actually. The culture of this team needed to be changed and Torts was a large part of that, like it or not. His methods may be questionable and his antics may be riduculous, even embarassing at times but he is what he is. He's taken this team from a bunch of entitled, money hungry princesses and turned them into a blue collar, hard working and hard to play against team.

His job is far from over... especially the putrid PP, but he's going to get a chance to finish what he's started.

As for the Xs and Os... I'm not sure. There are different coaches in every sport and they all have different methods. If you want an Xs and Os guy you're entitled. He may not be it... but I guarantee he has a gameplan and is trying to instill that system into these guys so they know it in their sleep.
You're spot on here. There was zero accountability when Mr. wax poetic/stay the course/safe is death Tom Renny was here as coach and his post game conferences were infuriating as heck. I was turning cartwheels across the floor the day I heard he was fired and replaced by Torts. Perhaps Torts is not a great tactician but he has held players accountable, instilled a strong work ethic and introduced/indoctrinated young homegrown talent into our lineup. Who gives a crap if he isn't media friendly and cuts his post game conferences short when the team mails in a stinker. I respect that approach a whole lot more than one in which the coach kisses up to the media and puts a smiley face on everything.

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