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10-25-2011, 01:57 PM
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Sherwood make custom sticks for not too much $$$.

As for your question about tape wear, heel wear is normal even with the right lie if it's after a game where you've mostly been skating around without the puck. When you skate with one hand on your stick, you're gonna be holding it in front of you way further out than you would in a shooting/passing stance, so of course you're gonna get heel wear.

Tape wear after a game doesn't tell you much at all, but tape wear after a stick and puck session where you're almost always stick handling, shooting and passing does. In such a situation you should see a fair bit of wear in roughly the mid blade area (having used different lies, I personally prefer how shots feel when the wear/main contact point is a bit towards the heel of mid blade than a bit towards the toe of mid blade). You should also be able to tell more or less whether you have the right lie by simply really focusing on how your blade is sitting on the ice when stick handling.

Out of curiosity, how tall is your stick? When you stand it vertically in front of you, on the tip of its blade (with you looking straight forward, and in bare feet), where does it come up to on your face/neck? Eyes, nose, mouth, chin, adam's apple?

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