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10-25-2011, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Winroba View Post
Hmm, alright. He's pretty troll-y so that means he'd naturally be a great fit in VAN. I expect Gillis to go after a Tootoo or Neil type at the deadline, but these guys are like Hansen for us.

I protected Hansen in an expansion draft thread last season and the Oilers trolls were out in full force.

If he were to be traded, what kind of overpayment would it take? I happen to be high on Tootoo. He seems like a Lapierre type where you despise them until they're on your team.
Tootoo used to be kind of a 'troll' or a borderline cheap player at times no matter how much I tried to deny it. In the last couple years though he has actually grown as a player and isn't really "just the fighter" or goon people are used to seeing him as. Although he can obviously drop the gloves with the best of them when the time comes.

He really is one of the most explosive players we have. Although he's far from an all-star he fits the style of play we have in many ways. He really does have pretty explosive speed and a rocket slap shot. I remember when he first came into the league the guy would freakin' fall down half the time he would shoot and he was out to drill people into the boards. Not so much anymore. He has a lot more awareness now than he ever has. Makes nice passes and can actually move a little with the puck. And....most importantly....he shoots the puck, which our team shows an allergic reaction to doing.

He really is way up there on the list of our players who are unlikely to be traded. As mentioned in an earlier post, he won't make much more money anywhere else and is a big fan favorite. Trading him really wouldn't serve much purpose for the team or him.

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