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10-25-2011, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
Yep. I have a lot of hockey related pet peeves; but even more so I have a lot of pet peeves regarding words (spelling, grammar, and phrases). I think I just THINK about words a lot. Like "why am I saying this phrase?", "what is its origin?", "what am I really saying?". I understand most people don't think about such things; but if they did, it would probably raise a red flag in their head when they said "could care less", "intensive purposes", and "should of".
what's worse is when stupid people try to act smart by saying stupid things like "irregardless" and "agreeance"

and I hate it when people say things like "be that as it may" or "insofar as" or "by no means"

I have a co-worker who is a simpleton but doesn't know it. He says these things constantly. Everything he says has some kind of retarded qualifier attached to it... annoys the hell out of me. Makes me fight at mens league hockey on Tuesdays at 11pm when everybody has to work the next day... just kidding I'm not that guy.

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