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10-25-2011, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
The problem is if you look at this fanbase which wants the entire staff fired, and every player traded, they'll never let it get to that point. We'll sacrifice this team's future, and trade our 1st rounder here in the next few weeks in order to get the last year on some vet that'll play out the rest of the season, and become a free agent.

But it'll appease the fans.

It's just a shame that the fans never want what's best for this team.
This organization never appeases the fans until it absolutely has to. Witness how long it took to fire Hitchcock, how long it took to finally get a decent center, how long it took to fire Doug, etc., etc. And I don't know what fans will be appeased by some veteran at this point. I don't see a lot of people, even the one's saying we shouldn't tank, that are honestly saying this team has a realistic chance of making the playoffs. Because they know they'd lose all credibility to make that statement at this juncture.

From what I've seen, most fans have a better sense of what this team needs than our GM.

Originally Posted by Palinka View Post
What's changed is that a large-scale rebuild would theoretically be possible. There are plenty of components of the current team that have good value around the league, even if they're grossly unproductive right now.
You are kidding yourself. With the overpriced contracts most of these guys have, you'd have to beg someone to take them off your hands.

Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
Total collapse helped the Pens and Hawks build, but how did the Bruins and Wings win Cups? There must be more ways than one to build a winner. I go into each game hoping for a win and disappointed when they lose. If you can feel better about losing because you see an ultimate benefit down the road, good for you. I'd rather draft late, every year.
You picked two teams with incredibly competent GM's who wheeled and dealed their way to championships and weren't afraid to spend big bucks on free agents when it was called for. Based on what I've seen, I don't think anyone can compare our current management to them.

Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
As for our draft blunders/bad luck in other years, we certainly dropped the ball through the Doug McLean years. I still have belief in Scott Howson's drafting/development, personally.
Nikita Filatov and John Moore don't give me warm fuzzies about Howson's drafting skills. People like Palinka are left to pick nits with regards to Cam Fowler...while ignoring entirely that Howson was desperately trying to trade back into the first round so that he could draft him. But hey, Howson's done a swell job of finding bottom pairing defensive prospects and bottom 6 forwards to overpay for years to come.

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