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10-25-2011, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1 View Post
Nope I see your point there... However, they actually can match up against their opponents and play a SOLID game... Our team, at times looks like its made up of shrinking violets.

Their team has a very decent mix to it. There is toughness, there is skill, there is size, there are smurfs...

But the one thing you dont have a problem with in Bean town is Crease Clearing defencemen.
This has always been a weakness here. And for a team supposedly being built around a goaltender, he certainly CANNOT be relying that his corps are going to clear the front of him.

They block a tonne of shots yes, but they have strength issues back there. That can be said for sure. But then again, when you are forced to ice 2 rookies, 2 sophomores, ONE vet, and One returning from major surgery vet, this is more likely to be seen much easier than before.

I want to add, it's the management that actually stick their own foot in mouth. They purport that Markov is on schedule, what did they do to ensure an easier transition? Other than sign Chris Campoli in training camp, Nothing.

Here's another one... Did we protect Darche, and expose Woywitka with such a wonky back end?

As much as it hurts me to say this... Right now, Chiarelli looks like a genius in comparison to our boy Gauthier...

What he's gotta do, is get those freakin horns up, and start fixing the club. First by figuring out what system will work best for this group. I personally believe Martin has never coached this team properly... It's high time we found somebody who could.

Believe it or not, if we want experience. I personally could see a run and gun coach like Pat Quinn do a fantastic job with this squad.
very much agree with the bolded. If we really wanna build around price, then we need to protect him better, make his job easier. We need to look at signing/developing Dmen who clear the crease and protect the net. If carey gets that protection and gets easier looks at point shots, it could improve our results so much.

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