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10-25-2011, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ComradeChris View Post
All these kids and there damn need for curve sticks. If you go with a light curve you learn to shoot the puck harder because it takes more strength to get it up. You learn to stickhandle better because it takes more ability to toedrag. You develop qualities better and keep progressing. With a curve... the blade does all the work for you. Not to mention with a curve like a Sakic you don't get a very good backhand. With a straighter curve you have a forehand AND a backhand. Backhands are the most underrated skills to have in hockey. Imagine if your backhand was as good as your forehand.... you'd be a goal scoring machine I promise you that. Ask any goalie what the harder shot is to stop: the forehand or the backhand? He will say the backhand EVERY TIME.

That's just me though... I'd rather use a Zetterberg than a Sakic or Ovechkin curve.
as would i but i heard a radio interview recently with a a former pro and he was of the firm opinion that kids should start with bigger curve because it is easier to shoot with, allow them to develop shooting technique early and help them make it easier to shoot. that and alot of players i know are shying away from the straight curves, and using bigger curves like the sakic and the drury ( and their equivalents)

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