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10-28-2003, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Laperriere22
Hindsight? I call it foresight. PL had 6 top 6 forwards, none of which are going to set iron man records for games played in a row. He dealt away the only tweener the Avs had left in Reinprecht. Seems rather obvious that the top 6 depth was an issue well before now. Battaglia couldn't step in and Konowalchuk predictably can't either. That's the issue.

And the Avs have zero to be complaining about; their injuries aren't that extensive. The Blues are currently playing defensive pairs of Pronger-Baron, Backman-Brimanis, and Finley-Stuart. I fart at the Avs injury "woes" as would a team like the Kings.
It can't be anything less than hindsight. Reinprecht was no durable warrior himself. He missed a nice amount of games a few years back as well. Like I said, you can't expect 8 of your NHL forwards to go down in such a short span of time. You play the odds (which is the GM's job), and you prepare for what's most likely to happen. The most likely scenario would see only one of the top 6 going down for a short period of time (as it stands we have 2 down for what looks to be a short period of time). In which case Battaglia or Konowalchuk could step in for that short period of time. Now if Kariya is down a very long period of time, then there's legitimate cause for concern--which is when trade rumors begin to seep in. But if I'm not mistaken in Kariya's last two seasons he avoided injuries completely.

And I wasn't really implying that the Avs had it the worst. I was just throwing some obsene number out there because at the time I didn't know the exact number -- and given the short period of time, it sure felt like a three digit figure. I mean c'mon, freaking Travis Brigley. :p

Last I checked your Blues fowards looked pretty unscathed. And the Kings, well, they are in a category by themselves. But as I sai,d it could be a lot harsher for the Avs -- at least our blueline is still in tact.

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