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10-25-2011, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Tanguay and Lang were are best players for the time that they were here and the so called worst drafting has yielded players everyone constantly *****es about being gone. We have people cry endlessly about Sergei, D'agostini, Latendresse, Lapierre, Grabovski, Streit, O'byrne etc, but yet these are the same people that whine that drafting was bad.

He wasn't God, but he brought respect to the piece of crap he inherited.

Also you are taking things out of context. He traded draft picks for players after the year we finished first and everyone expected us to be a contender. he did what every other GM who contends does. Chiarelli did the same last year, traded a bunch of assets for complimentary players, it just happened to work in his case.
Well that's about it Andy. In Chiarelli's case....IT JUST HAPPENED TO WORK. End-results, only way it matters. 'Cause I tell you, I might have to work really hard....but I probably can try to sell you how every move Milbury made was also with the idea that it could work well. As dumb as he is, pretty sure he didn't really try to screw that franchise up. Now, I'm OBVIOUSLY not comparing both guys, just that when you really have a desire to defend somebody, you can.

I don't think that people who thought that the draft was bad is really THAT separate to Gainey's work. The fact that he send those guys away or the fact that those guys didn't create as much as the org. thought they'd be, made some people think that the draft was really bad after all......until they saw how they would do somewhere else.

By the way though, the players you named on your list.....nobody could have thought that those guys were bad selections....they were way too low in the drafts so that people would matter about it. Frankly, and I'M part of that, most people are talking about 1st round selections as far as Timmins is concerned.

As far as draft picks are concerned, yes, some were given to acquire good players....yet, you can't ALWAYS give out 2nd rounders and never keep the players you acquire for more than half of year. Lang was indeed doing a fine job with us....but was he doing it based on how great he was? Or based on how pathetic our offense was? 65 big points our #1 scorer got that year. Yet, he did a fine job.....something which Grabovski would do for us last year....this year and for years to come.

But no. They were all cancers and just had to go. To which I AGAIN many teams had just half of the players that HAD to go like we did? I believe that cancers that have to go or addition by substraction are just formulas to make people feel better but in reality....even if you really have to let some people go, you should still be able to put them front stage, make them produce, and then ship them out. 'Cause it's often not who you's you get for. Anyway, you know my point on this. Gainey was not bad. But he CLEARLY was not great like some wanted us to believe. I'd personnally call him average. Average based on the fact that while the Houle's mess started with Savard, Gainey continue on that road and made us a better team. But a team he DESTROYED after his 5-year plan didn't work, to make up a total different team, team that we have in front of our eyes right now. And going back to my premise....we are still waiting for end-results.

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