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10-25-2011, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by zz View Post
Weather is usually decent 99% of the time. The 90 minute drive to Oak Creek Canyon (Sedona) is worth it. It's really nice up there.

If you don't want to drive too much and do some desert hiking, the Boyce Thomson arboretum on the east side is very pretty. I take the kids up there every year on Thanksgiving week end. Not challenging, but pretty. Takes about 1 hour to walk the entire loop.

I also like Pinnacle Peak park in North Scottsdale.
Thanks. Sedona sounds very appealing, but I'm also looking to stay warm. Despite growing up in Winnipeg I have developed this huge aversion to cold, and it's already getting to daytime highs below 50 in the forecast here. I'm probably up for a 90 minute drive and certainly up for desert hiking. The arboretum looks interesting. I'll look into Sedona some more.

What price range are you thinking per person?
Anything. Hole in the wall and up. Only restriction is probably attire... I'll be packing light and casual, so wouldn't be able to do mandatory jacket or something like that. I'd happily sit in mud if the food is excellent, but if there's must-have southwestern with a $50 main I'd consider it (hopefully that main is a 28oz dry aged rib steak).

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