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Originally Posted by Pez68 View Post
Johnny's is ridiculously overpriced. Most leagues in the city and up north are, actually. $2100 for 12 game season + playoffs this summer. Orland is around the same for 10 games.
Totally agree. I play in and around Joliet and Romeoville, its $150 a guy per session for 12 games.

Originally Posted by Pez68 View Post
It is a refs job to maintain control of the game. If they are letting those stupid penalties go in beer leagues, it usually gets out of control. Especially when you have a talented team playing a not-so-talented team. There's only so many cross checks, slashes, hooks, and holds you can take before you lose your temper. I'm guilty of doing it myself when the guy that can hardly skate is hooking the **** out of me every time I touch the puck. Pretty much every game I've ever skated in, where the game got out of control, could be blamed on the refs. There are always dirty players in beer leagues. If the refs don't reign them in during the game, they are directly to blame when things escalate, and they usually do.

The biggest hacks are usually the worst hockey players. They start losing, and they think it's message sending time. Let those guys get away with their crap, and those that actually played serious hockey are going to put them in their place eventually.

You cross check me in the kidneys, you bump me into the boards from behind, you slash the back of my legs and my hands, you hook me under the armpits and between my legs, and you get away with it, and eventually I'm going to put you through the glass. Beer league or not.

This is how I usually handle these Dbags with a nicely timed check, I'll take the 2 minutes.

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