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10-25-2011, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRKING30 View Post
yeah so i just got my tickets today. and i was so excited to open it up as a first time season ticket holder. but then when i opened it, it is just a shameful site to see. 5 gs gets you tickets and the msg cookbook? wow we really get treated with first class. yes i knew all this before hand but to see them offering you 1 dollar off when u buy 2 hot dogs. that is just a sad joke it literally makes u laugh. besides the whopping 10 percent discount cards. the only thing that seems to be of value in the book is the 10 dollars off at the parking space. meanwhile with the 10 dollars off its prob still more money then the outdoor lot on i think its 31st in between 7th and 6th. might be 32nd. just goes to show you and the league how much we truly love our blueshirts with a passion. anybody have an idea of what toronto gives to its fans? i say toronto since they are the franchise worth the most according to forbes. with that said the opening night tickets look really nice and i am beyond amped. this nfl style bye week is killing me, im tired of watching other teams lol.
You may have come off the wrong way to many people, but I have to admit that you really have a point. I was looking over those coupons in the booklet today and the Rangers should be embarrassed to put anything like that in print. I mean for my 2 tickets I'm dropping $5K and they give me coupons that say, IF I buy TWO jumbo pretzels AND IF I buy a regular soda, they will offer me a SMALL soda for $1?? (not even for free!!) Umm, cans of soda with more liquid in them can be bought for 25 cents at stop and shop. Save the ink and don't put any coupons in the booklet if you're going to be that cheap because these offers are completely worthless.

How about a $50 food & merchandise card or something, which is still less than what I pay for one ticket

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