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10-25-2011, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
Deserving of the contract he signed? You mean the one that doesnt start until next season?

Jeez, the entire argument made by the people you are referring to is that by the time the contract starts, JVR will be deserving of $4m per year. Until then, you can not say he is deserved of anything.

That being said, I expect JVR to be producing more. I also believe that if he was given 16-18 minutes per game, he certainly would be producing more.

Unfortunately for him, players like Read have surprised and seized some of the ice time we expected to go to JVR (especially on the PP). That's not an excuse though, as JVR should obviously have to prove that he deserves the ice time before he is given it.

His play hasnt been great, no arguments there from me, but he also hasnt been put into a position to succeed yet either.

I've been saying it for a while, JVR and Schenn would be the best combo for each of them. I'm disappointed that we have yet to see it.

I propose these lines:


JVR needs to be given room to skate. We cant keep putting him with skill guys like Giroux, Voracek and Briere. Let him have a little room and take the leash off a little and I think he will play up to his contract (which again doesnt kick in until next year )
You clearly don't get it. It does not matter AT ALL what contract he is currently playing under. The criticism is the fact that he was given an extension at this time. The entire question is whether or not he was deserving of it at the time he signed it. What I, and others have argued, was that perhaps we should have waited just a little bit longer, to ensure he is closer to playoff JVR than the JVR we've seen elsewhere.

To paint a picture...

Let's say JVR signed a 6 year 42 million deal, so 7 million per year. Would you not be saying that the extension was unwarranted, because his play has not done enough to indicate he is a 7 million a year player? I don't care that he is still only making ~1.6 right now, he's still going to earn 7 for the next 6 years, regardless of how well or how poorly he plays under his current contract.

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