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10-28-2003, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Ensane
In which case Battaglia or Konowalchuk could step in for that short period of time.
That's the issue. Battaglia couldn't and Konowalchuk has slowly shown that he can't either (of course maybe Sakic is just so bad right now that he's dragging everyone down; hell if I know). PL left himself walking a tightrope basically. He had no one capable of stepping up as an offensive player if any of the top 6 went down after trading Reinprecht. Sure, you can play grinders up there, but there's little hope of getting production from them. Ditto rookies because you can't go around relying on rookies to step up to a top 6 role (not that it can't happen mind you, just that you can't rely on it working out that way). Obviously you can't predict injuries, but I think every GM has to assume they will encounter a few at least. When Kariya went down so early on, the Avs didn't and still don't have anyone that can fill in capably for him. PL left himself without a single depth player for the top 6; that's what I call poor planning personally. And it's because he dealt that depth player for a prospect.

There's plenty of depth for the bottom 6, which is the area most hit by injuries right now on the Avs and besides that, bottom 6 depth forwards will be playing simpler roles than a top 6 guy would.

Originally Posted by Ensane
Last I checked your Blues fowards looked pretty unscathed. And the Kings, well, they are in a category by themselves. But as I sai,d it could be a lot harsher for the Avs -- at least our blueline is still in tact.
Well, Mellanby came back tonight and Boguniecki has missed every game so far. Cajanek is out with bruised ribs at the moment to go along with Drake who missed a couple of games himself. The Blues aren't the worst ever injury list by any means right now, but I'd be more than happy to trade injuries with the Avs. A bunch of bottom 6 injuries with a couple of top 6 injuries is better than the blueline the Blues have put out there. If we were making a comparison between the two bluelines, it would be like the Avs having to play Blake-Skoula, Tomas Slovak-DJ Smith, and Brett Clark-Mikko Viitanen. Do you find that appealing? I sure as hell don't. I'm not saying the Avs haven't been hit hard by injuries, but I am saying I would take their injuries over the Blues.

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