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10-28-2003, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by nikrag03
Suck my **** fleyrs guy... JUst because the flyers are better than the habs now u tHihk u can talk ****. BUt ur team still hAsnt done **** in the league in a very long time,. We won the ****ing cup 10 years ago so u can suck my ****. U tihnk thaT just because ur ****ing teaM is better than us now that u'll always be better AND THAT U CAN BRAG. Get over it, go loSe to NJ in the playoffs every year and be proud of urself because thats as good as ur crappy franchise will ever get. WHen we were at our best we actually did something in the playoffs. AND yes we are allowed to point out that we won 24 cups..cause we did! And u won't get close to that anytime soon so suck my **** u ****.
You know hes a guy, and your still trying "hard" to get him to suck your ****

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