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10-25-2011, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
On the flip side, there is only so many of the ticky tack penalties you can call, you say a bump into the boards is worth a 2 minute penalty? Teams don't ice enough players to be calling most of those,

You think a hook on the hands is worth a 2 minute penalty? Again, teams don't ice enough players to be calling most of those,

Fight through the damn things, play the game, and if it's an actual hook, it will get called, but feeling a stick on your elbow, or pants and looking for an automatic call is the easiest way to get ignored the rest of the game.
And where did you get that impression from? Bumping somebody FROM BEHIND into the boards is absolutely worth a 2 minute penalty. It doesn't take much to really hurt somebody from behind. SLASHES on the hands and wrists are also absolutely worth a 2 minute penalty. Doesn't take much to break a wrist with a slash. As is hooking people in the nuts, or under their armpits, and going for a ride. How do you fight through guys that have their stick wrapped around you the entire time you're carrying the puck? Or put their free hand around you and wrap you up when you go into the corner with the puck? Or hook your top hand right off your stick every time you try and carry the puck? Call the game the way it should be called. How many guys they have on the bench shouldn't matter in the LEAST. Nor should how crappy the other team is. You call the penalties that are committed that you see. Period.

"Teams don't ice enough players" is probably the lamest excuse I've ever heard for not calling penalties. THAT'S NOT THE REF'S PROBLEM. I'm not talking about rec. leagues here. I'm talking A and B level hockey. If you don't have enough guys on the bench, then don't commit penalties. It's pretty easy. If you're a ****** hockey player, then don't play in the higher levels. Stick to C and rec. league.

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