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10-25-2011, 11:00 PM
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If we finish well out of the playoffs, I hope the ownership will grow some balls and finally give Poile his walking papers. Alot of this is his fault. Our lack of talent at forward is absolutely killing us! I keep harping on this but think what we would have had if we had drafted Jordan Eberle instead Chet Pickard? Now I know one guy doesn't make that much difference but Eberle is a talent and game changer. And he is scoring goals for Edmonton.

It will be a long season and all the momentum from last season is wasted. Instead of "improving" the third level, why not improve the team, and the front office? I have read alot of complaints about ticket reps being clueless and the general customer service experience being terrible. I thought things were supposed to improve with Cogen et al. I feel like it has gotten worse. And our video opening is one of the LAMEST I have ever seen! What idiot thought that would get the crowd pumped up?! I feel like the front office has regressed.

I am going to keep going to games because I love hockey and love the people I have met but this team is not going to get any merchandise money out of me for the foreseeable future. And I will be sporting other teams jerseys until they figure out how to win at home.

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