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10-25-2011, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Its so funny, everyone wanted to trade AK after we acquired Cole for a bag of pucks but now that we are on a losing streak, everyone wants to keep him.

The minute we didn't sign him to a 2+ year contract, was the minute I stopped hoping he would be a Hab long term. That was the end of him as a Hab after this year. His fate was sealed.

Might as well get something for him while he's playing his best hockey. JM isn't using him properly and will use a dman better, so might as well get someone to fit JM's system for this year. AK won't be hear next year, so it doesn't matter.
me me! i never wanted to trade him

and i don't agree that AK won't resign here after this year. give him money he deserves (around 4 i would guess) and good years, martin gets canned, and there's no reason for him not to resign.

and you should know that management likes to give out short contract to take advantage of the RFA and to weed out any fluke seasons before they get UFA. even plekanec was once on a one year contract and if i remember correctly, AKost was one of the guys we resigned the fastest and with the least drama. i wouldn't read too much into it.
and trading for franson, at all would be a disaster. he is... not good. don't be fooled by that large frame, he sucks. if gauthier can get him with a mid pick or something great, our pp needs the help, but if you trade a player for this guy, i'll even throw gauthier in the :fireeveryone: category

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