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10-26-2011, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by maetix View Post
Agree with the poster above. For $100 or less the Vapor X40 is an amazing stick. Can't really go wrong with it and it looks sick.
I don't know...

the X:40 sure is far from the X:60 or the old XXXX

Personally, I'd hold off for some S17, S19 or SE16 on sale, now that they've been replaced by the latest line...

I've seen the One95 for around that price, and its also a solid stick..

I've not been a huge fan of warrior, and other than the dolomite, I think they're overpriced and to "christian audigier"
The AK27 is quite heavy for a stick of its price and supposed class

I've also seen RBK 11k sticks, along with XXXX's on sale for 100 and sub as well... really, if I were you and lookin @ that ball park range, I'd spend the cash on one of those....
Durability is good enough with any of them IMO (maybe not the S17, but its not terrible)

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