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Originally Posted by Hatter View Post
Here is an illustration of my main problem:

Setting: Terry Murray's office circa training camp.

Simon: yeah coach, ya know that mike and I have been playing together for years and we have great chemistry.
Mike: yeah, I can find Simon in my sleep. We are as money as I am cannon.
Simon: we totally read each others minds. We can score blindfolded with me arm tied behind our backs.
Mike: yeah it's totally weird.

:both laugh and hold hands and leave the room together

Stevenson: wow coach that sounds awesome. This is gonna be greeeeeeeat!!!

Murray: yeah. Um put Penner with Richards and gagne with Kopitar.

Stevens facepalms.
Pretty much.

I have to say that watching Kopitar tonight was downright disturbing. He was completely lazy unless the puck was on his stick and absolutely brutal on the second goal. Whiffed the pass, SKATED AWAY like he didn't just leave the puck behind, flailed lazily at two Devils as they passed around him and scored. I'm not bashing the guy, I'm just still in shock because it was so unlike him. I hope he has the flu or something because... wow.

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