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10-26-2011, 04:08 AM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
You clearly don't get it. It does not matter AT ALL what contract he is currently playing under. The criticism is the fact that he was given an extension at this time. The entire question is whether or not he was deserving of it at the time he signed it. What I, and others have argued, was that perhaps we should have waited just a little bit longer, to ensure he is closer to playoff JVR than the JVR we've seen elsewhere.

To paint a picture...

Let's say JVR signed a 6 year 42 million deal, so 7 million per year. Would you not be saying that the extension was unwarranted, because his play has not done enough to indicate he is a 7 million a year player? I don't care that he is still only making ~1.6 right now, he's still going to earn 7 for the next 6 years, regardless of how well or how poorly he plays under his current contract.
It's a tricky game you're playing with things like this... If JVR becomes the player many of us expect him to be (60-70+ points this year, 70+ points consistently in the future), then the price on him instantly goes up. You're not going to sign him for $4.25M per year after he's proven playoff JVR is for real over a full season... it's going to be $6M or $7M per year. And when you make the leap to that salary, it means you're probably not going to have room to re-sign all of your young talented players.

Homer got a price on JVR that many on here would consider a bargain. I would include myself in that group. On the low-end of JVR's development, you have to assume he is worth about 20+ goals and 50+ points per year. I can show you numerous players in the league who put up those stats, are older than JVR, and are paid at or around that price. Scott Hartnell is one of them. And Scott Hartnell is still a tradeable commodity. Even if JVR doesn't develop a lick, he is still worth his contract putting up 50 points a year, when you compare him to others making around 4.25M per season.

If JVR does develop more (as we all expect), then this contract will be a major coup for Homer, as JVR will end up getting paid much less than his market value.

What I see in this contract is one with a very limited downside and a large upside potential... I seriously don't understand how anybody could be mad about it.

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