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10-26-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
What if you suck, end up getting 1st pick through great luck in winning the lottery but then he is a bust?
Sure it could happen. Most of the time you'd get at least a serviceable player but there's an outside chance you wind up with a total bust...

It still doesn't matter man. We shouldn't only rely on whatever draft pick we get this year. We should do what we can to get good returns on our vets who won't lead us anywhere. Collectively it's not a good group but individually a lot of our players have trade value.

Then play the kids. Let them develop. We can keep a couple of vets like Gomez and Cole (who we can't trade anyway) and just give the kids icetime. If rise in the standings... great. If not, then we'll probably draft high next year. The picks and prospects that we trade for will help us develop. The picks that we land will help us develop. At some point you're going to find elite talent in there. Look at our only top five pick in 25 years... it just happens to be our best player. That is not a fluke. And our only rebuild move in recent memory resulted in us getting Josh Gorges and a pick that turned into MaxPac. Why not do more of this instead of deals where we give away prospects for vets?

And... we're already well ahead of where most rebuilding clubs are to begin with. We've actually got some young talent already.

The alternative is to try to trade for a superstar or sign him via free agency. I don't see how this happens. It's not impossible for it to happen but it's highly unlikely and over the past two decades we haven't shown any ability to do this.

So if we want elite talent, we should try to trade for prospects and get them before they are elite and rely on the draft. Our scouting is a great group and I believe if they actually had more to work with we'd do well.

The alternative is to keep doing what we've been doing for years and spin our wheels while going nowhere fast. It's one thing to be a bubble team but it's another issue altogether when you are a perpetual bubble team that repeatedly builds with tier 2 leftovers from other clubs. That's the cycle we're stuck in right now and if we want to be serious about building a winner we've got to start doing things differently.

And flip your entire premise around... What if instead of a bust we actually drafted a superstar?

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