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10-28-2003, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by KOMO_ROCKS
It is a fact that Roy demanded a trade because of Mario Tremblay's bad coaching in leaving him in net for 9 Detroit goals......I mean, i dont want a coach as part of the habs organization who can not even get along with the superstar on the team.....Pom Pom Tremblay is a good fit with the Wild, i am happy he is not a part of the habs organization now. Yes, he is an assistant coach now, but he was a scout first for the Wild....either way, i dont want him in the habs organization. We are better off without people like Tremblay. I am not bashing Tremblay, i am just stating some facts and my opinion
Well ok then, I'll take for granted you weren't intending to bash Tremblay (which is what habs fans do habitually). I may have been a little fast, this time, to jump on the defense of the bashed.

Habs fans should stop bashing everything and anything, they only get to shoot themselves in the feet. Maybe I should take that as an advice - so you've got my apologies.

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