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10-28-2003, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by go pierre hedin
Butch, you've heard those rumours from who... ?

Habs fans... Sens fans... Red Wings fans... Flyers fans... Islanders fans... etc...

on many a message board just like this one, just browsing along I suspect a little of all the above but the dastardly Sens and Habs are most undoubtably the devious criminal masterminds behind the whole caper and for that they shall feel my eternal scorn and furio-O-US ANGER.

Holy...H E double hockey sticks batman its a conspiracy.... *scowls*


Come on everyone has heard this rumour before it is widely circulated I am sure you have heard it before and would no better than me if it were true... and if its not then who cares? Plz tell the world of the Glories of Darcy Tucker unsuly the harm that has been unjustly done to his prestigous name and forever and for always shall I never bring up the foresaid "rumour", punishable upon wedgie..Satisfied?

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