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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
As to:
"This is why your opinion on this board means nothing. I gave you a valid and adequate response to your proposal as to why it wont work and you consider it flaming? Your a clown bernmeister."

In your ERRONEOUS opinion, my opinion on this board means nothing. Opinions are valued at the merit of their statements, and I don't have to reiterate in detail just how last Saturday night's game in Edmonton PROVED who was correct and who is erroneous.

You gave me WHAT YOU THOUGHT was valid and adequate response, and I appreciate same, even though again, it was you who turned out to be in error.

As to the unkind: "Your a clown bernmeister" this is not true, and even if it were, I'd rather be a kind and courteous clown with respect for his fellow posters who is proven right than be accountable for your arrogance.

As to:
"And subjective conclusions? Subjective? How? It's just flat out reality. It's common sense. You make it seem like it's ok to "surrender more goals." It's not. There are too many talented forwards in the NHL, it will be a lot more surrendered goals than you think and Henrik will not be able to stand on his head like you seem to think he would. ....".

You are the one who speaks about reality and common sense.
But actual reality, as proved by that last game in Edmonton, was what I said, not what you said. I have already elsewhere discredited your claim of common sense as not being logical.

As to:
"If you really think puck possession is going to increase that much from adding two more talented forwards than you are more delusional than i thought. I can promise you it wouldnt be much."
As stated, your promise is based on your opinion, not fact, and the most recent experience proves I am correct, not you.

As to:
"We wouldnt be pinning teams in their defensive end. It just wont happen. Once that puck is turned over and the opposing team is on the counter attack we will be screwed. ..."
Already answered. Disagree. Our guys will not lay down and die. They won't be as good as the guys we have now. But they'll be in the other zone a whole lot less, and the D won't be as tired.

As to:
Young elite forwards are expensive, ...
And edmonton is going to want top prospects back, not just 3 proven NHL defenseman so theres another reality check. ...
There were more than 3 ds, plus Stepan and Boyle.

I agree it's too much, and open minded discussion is needed to hone the offer to a better one, probably without MPS for a bit less. That will still leave Oil w/RNH + MPS replacing Hall on 1st line, so they could actually think of surrendering Hall.

Again, I don't mind the disagreement.
I'm opposed to the arrogance, the posturing that you could not possibly be wrong.

You're wrong, whether you admit to it or not, whether you officially or not.

When you feel you can have a civil conversation and lose the arrogance, then feel free to comment in good faith, and as I have, I will keep an open mind. In the meantime, please stop with the and to have an open mind, so a comeuppance such as this, for which I have better things to do, won't be necessary.
you are a parody of yourself at this point. Nobody wants to read your 5 paragraph posts 3 of which pat yourself on the back , 1 of which calls everybody who disagrees with you big meanies, with the other being a regurgitation of somebody on mushrooms playing Be A GM mode in NHL 12.

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