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Originally Posted by JimEIV View Post
Unfortunately I can't seem to find any video of actual play on Youtube of Traverse City or the Preseason games. I've been looking since my orginal post...

I can recall muliple times when players skated around him...I will try and find some of the video and post it when I do.
Perhaps at Traverse. He was apparently mediocre there according to everyone. I didn't see it. But I don't care. Because I saw him play against NHLers. If he was a 20 year old, he'd be on the team right now.

If he had "multiple times when players skated around him", he'd of been sent back when Thomas was. He never had any real trouble against anyone in the pre-season. To say he had "players [skating] around him" left and right in pre-season is laughable at best. Perhaps you should watch harder next time, Jim.

I saw every game he played in pre-season that was televised. He never looked out of place against actual NHL players. His lateral skating is very solid. I've never seen him have any real trouble closing the gap against an opposing forward. Combine that with his massive reach, and added development time? He's going to be nearly impossible to play against in his own zone.

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