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10-26-2011, 03:29 PM
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I know the old adage of "if Gretzky could be traded..."

But... That was an Edmonton team that was still able to win a cup with out Gretzky which shows how ridiculously deep they were.

This is a Rangers team that can't even win a cup WITH Lundqvist in goal (the reasons why can be speculated and talked about to death with no real single reason emerging as the best but...) therefore one cannot reasonably expect to trade Lundqvist and have it have a serious positive impact on the chance of winning a cup. Sure maybe we can get receive a top flight forward and defenseman for him which fills a huge void in the offense, and adds to what will already be an insane defense (IMO, when fully healthy) but opens up a gaping hole in the net.

Looking at some of the teams who won the cup in the last 10-15 years, the names of argueable non top tier goaltenders are: Niemi, Giguere, Vernon.

Can go either way: Osgood and Fleury

Names of those argueable top goaltenders: Thomas, Brodeur, Roy, Belfour.

All of those teams with argueable non top tier goaltenders, all had a hell of a lot better teams in front of them then we would have even IMO with a Lundqvist trade. None of those guys are slouches but not on the level of others. The teams in front of them made the goaltender great for that amount of time. Lundqvist has made the team in front of him great .

Either way: Osgood and Fleury... Detroit for the last 10 years... yeah self explanatory and Pittsburgh... Crosby, Malkin, Staal... still better then what the Rangers would have as far as a team with a post Lundqvist trade IMO.

Top tier: Again, Thomas, Brodeur, Roy, Belfour... With the exception of maybe Belfour, the other 3 played a HUGE role along with the teams in front of them in winning the Stanley cup, the Rangers would need the type of team these guys had in front of them, along with the greatness in net that Boston, NJ and Colorado had.

IMO, this points to not trading Lundqvist. The return won't be equal to his value and we do NOT have a goaltender in the system even close to the skill level of Marty Biron, let alone Henrik Lundqvist. Some say goaltenders are dime a dozen and if teams can win the cup with guys like Niemi or Vernon then seriously diminishes a guy like Lundqvists value. Those teams had such a complete roster from top to bottom that they were able to make up for the lack of complete quality in goal. The Rangers are the other way around. We have such a complete and great goaltender we need to find a way to make the rest of the roster complete enough to make up for the lack of quality in other areas. Our defense has the potential to be great when healthy the Rangers need to focus on building from the net and defense out considering what we have to work with.

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