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Originally Posted by CanadaIsHockey View Post
I bleed bleu-blanc-rouge. I`ve been cheering for them since #6 Russ Courtnall, my favorite player when I was 5 years old, and I will forver contionue to cheer for the Habs whether they do well or not.

However as a paying customer for the product, I have the right to complain when things aren't going well. This does not mean I gave up on the team.

The issue right now is not the fact that the Habs are losing. The main issue, at least for me, started in the last couple of years. The team is becoming really boring to watch, win or lose. I want to watch an exciting team, that night in night out gives 110%, they are competitive, show that they are playing with heart, that they care!! Even if they lose, I want to be proud that my team went out and gave it all they had. I am not seeing that anymore with this team.
I understand that, however I think you saying that the few is the whole group. I see a lot of heart and drive out of Eller, PK, Price, Pleks etc. They are trying 110%, heck PK skated around the entire Florida team at one point. I think it is just difficult for them to keep consistent pressure knowing the littlest mistake will get blown up by everyone since they are really under a microscope.

The reason they play boring hockey is Martin, and I too want him gone however we have to play with the cards we are dealt. Cant have our cake and eat it too!

Look at the Caps and the Canucks, who just play like **** in the playoffs. Personally I would rather overachieve then underachieve. This squad might not be, on paper, the best, the most skilled or even the most gamebreaking but I think we have the right locker room and with the right coach we could band together and make a real run. Cups aren't won with 1 player, they are won with 21 and 2 goalies.

Just my opinion though!

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