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Originally Posted by drive45 View Post
Is Lidström supposed to be spelled like that, with the umlaut over the 'o'? Do you call that diacritical mark an 'umlaut' in Swedish? Does that mean the 'o' is pronounced like the 'eu' in the French word 'aveugle'? Or how?

Is the 'st' supposed to be pronounced like the 'sht' in the English word 'ashtray'?

Why doesn't he have the umlaut on his NHL sweater/jersey? Do any NHL players have non-standard (Roman-script) markings on their jerseys?
Å, Ä and Ö are all swedish letters, they're not really accent marks, but rather individual letters. In the word "Bird" (British English), you come very close to the Ö-sound, a swedish way of typing it out would be "Bööd". Same with "girl" in British English. In the example of Lidström, his is a kind of half-ö that sounds quite aggressive, I'm sure you can find some sports commentator pronounce his name if you youtube it.

As for his back, yeah, it's the same for all non-english names. Just think of the russians, Lidström gets off easy by being called Lidstrom, in comparison

Swedish culture is a lot about adapting to other cultures though, and thus, a lot of swedish players will refer to Lidström as "Lidstrom" when speaking about him to for example interviewers.

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