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10-26-2011, 04:06 PM
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Wow, some of you guys pay a lot. My town charges $195 for fall and spring and $150 per summer (with once-per-year $35 for insurance) for 14-14-14 stop-time games with 10-14 per team depending on the season. Fall and Spring are about 17 games in each of fall/spring and 13 over the summer.

As for fights, I've only heard of one happening at my rink since I joined the league a few years ago. It was between a guy defenseman and a girl forward and involved the guy using a few of the uber-offensive swear words at her because they were shoving for position in the crease and he didn't like that she was hard to move. IIRC, she cross checked him in the shoulders after he used the second of two swear words (think "c") and then he dropped the gloves. Both got suspended for a game.

There's some shoving from the usual meatheads a couple times a season, but no fights. It's really not worth it. We're in a really low-level league, and most of the things people take offense at are just a difference in skill level more than something malicious.

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