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Originally Posted by Kessel View Post
I played pickup hockey Monday night .. it was bothering me a bit that there was what looked like a Peewee house team practicing beforehand ..many of their skates were obviously too big for them..It is easy to spot if you look at the size of the body to the skate.. also some were ankle skating

I think back to my minor hockey days and I am just a little surprised at the lack of emphasize put on proper skate size growing up ... understandable at that age its not the coaches job or the league to tell you which equipment to wear and like most my skates were sized to grow into.. but watching them practice bothered me a little bit ..I can't stress enough how important proper fitting skates are especially for people developing skating skills
I coach a youth team and it bugs me to no end when parents buy their kids skates that are too big so they can grow into them and wear them for multiple seasons. Penny wise and pound foolish. Why spend all that money on a season of hockey and then ruin it for them by putting them on the ice in ankle breaker skates.

OP, find that video on here by that amazing russian power skating coach and follow his tip on tight turns. Rock on your ankles baby! I do it just like he says and I can make extremely tight turns. Don't lean back, rock your ankles quickly.

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