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10-29-2003, 02:47 AM
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I watch the Islanders from the start of the season, and the new system is a approvement from last year. Stirling did his homework and right from the start showed the team he was in charge and this is how we are going to play.

This is a great system if you can get a early lead. Now our power play sucks big time, but he doesn't seem to want to change the power play line up witch are our first two lines. Yesterday when playing NJ the fans were booing the power play and the way we were playing. Stirling is quick to change the 3-4 th line but not the first two.

From what I hear and see, Stirling is a little afraid of the players on the first two lines, intimidated maybe? examples: I never saw Peca-Parish and Papineau once this year. what does he have to lose if the power play suck already, or put Bergeinhen with Yashin and kavasha or last game when Hunter was Hot or that line was hot, take a chance and put the line on the PP.

Maybe he's a little scare to try things with the player on the two first lines, I hope he doesn't scare himself out of a coaching job.

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