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10-26-2011, 08:30 PM
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This is ALL confidence, Its obvious that the lack of solid seasoned defensmen is hurting the habs in their own zone now. But preasure and confidence is a huge factor right now in their losing streak, and I guarantee that once some of the confidence comes back and the preasure is released, the wins will come. This hockey club IS NOT as bad as they look right now.

First of all, players and coaches will say that they don't read the papers or watch tv,... imposible. With the amount of media and social networking now available its highly unrealistic to assume a player doesn't read things about his team. And think of all the friends and family members they have who are obviously coming across articles, or hearing radio shows. It wears on players and makes them nervous, and second guess and all that. Its like that in everyday life, and its even more like that as a player for the canadians.

That aside, every team has losing streaks, even the big guys like detroit, like washington.. Don't you want ours to be at the start of the season??? Its early. A win will help a lot, and it's coming TONIGHT!

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