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10-26-2011, 08:42 PM
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Every once in a while in my league you get a fight. In 3 years, I've seen, maybe 3 - 4. It's always an interesting event to say the least.

One of the more interesting ones I saw happened in our final game in the summer league. Last 10 seconds of overtime, our smallest player chips the puck off the boards and tries to go around the opposing player who's a good 6 inches taller. The bigger guy tried to stand him up (no hitting league), and our guy ended up plowing him. The bigger guy got up grabbed him trying to fight him.

He had one arm behind his neck and his other forearm pushing into the front. The refs stood there as my teammate went purple and they fell to the ice. My buddy had to jump the bench to grab him and start pulling him off. So in the end, two of our best players got kicked for the shootout because of it.

I find as well, the ones who usually act "tough" in beer leagues are the 19 year olds behind cages. They usually offer to fight and as soon as you stand up to them and say fine, they skate away. It can be annoying dealing with it.

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