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Originally Posted by mbeam View Post
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Yeah I was gonna say these guys are lucky! I assume you're talking about ASHL. Out in Delta we get 32 games + playoffs for $12k. With 14 skaters that works out to about $860 each for the season. Yikes.
I think he's talking about Coast. Delta is the planetice league? Even though it's more expensive, I believe it's slightly cheaper per skater per game than Coast, last time I checked. I've played both and find planetice to give you waaay more ice time. That's my main complaint with Coast. Some games being 10-12-10 is just unacceptable.
Talking about the TAHL (at the UBC rink), although I used to play in the Coast league in Richmond and I believe the per-game prices were very similar. The TAHL works out to $820 per person with 14 people, or $765 per person with 15 (though in reality slightly cheaper, we collect $25 per sub per game, and use this to lower the price for regulars).

As for game length, slightly longer games in the TAHL vs. Coast, three 13 minute periods every time (none of this variable length 3rd period), and always with OT and a shootout if necessary. Longer warmup too, often 10+ mins, and IMO better refs. Games are spaced 1:30 apart, I believe they pack them in closer in Coast, hence the short games and chincey warmups. Also better ice times in the TAHL, our weekday games start no earlier than 6:30 pm and no later than 9:30 pm, and weekend games tend to be in the afternoon or early evening. Just a better league overall IMO.

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