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Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
Å, Ä and Ö are all swedish letters, they're not really accent marks, but rather individual letters. In the word "Bird" (British English), you come very close to the Ö-sound, a swedish way of typing it out would be "Bööd". Same with "girl" in British English. In the example of Lidström, his is a kind of half-ö that sounds quite aggressive, I'm sure you can find some sports commentator pronounce his name if you youtube it.

As for his back, yeah, it's the same for all non-english names. Just think of the russians, Lidström gets off easy by being called Lidstrom, in comparison

Swedish culture is a lot about adapting to other cultures though, and thus, a lot of swedish players will refer to Lidström as "Lidstrom" when speaking about him to for example interviewers.
thanks for the detailed answer.

I think the Scandinavians and any other players that have funky-looking diacritics in their names should insist that they be on their sweaters/jerseys, because that makes them look like some kind of cool bad-ass Heavy Metal band!

Now that I've got my dander up, I think I'm going to post something on this topic on the main board.

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