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10-27-2011, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think 70s NHL players probably are the most overdrafted players in the ATD, actually. I would not be surprised if they were drafted more than NHL players from any other decade, despite the fact that so much of the world's talent was in the WHA or Europe at the time.
I've been meaning to take my atd sheet and maybe add a column for "career midpoint" or something, so I could watch trends as the draft develops.

If what I think about the talent pool is representative of what happens in the draft, then the number of players drafted by decade should start to resemble that curve I showed you before.

I think there are many more 80s and 90s players drafted (and there should be) but the difference is more or less correct and proportional.

Gibbs is certainly among the best 70s-era NHLers in this draft (along with Sargent actually), for whatever that means. The fact that clearly superior defensemen from the 80s (O'Connell and Roberts), 90s (none in this series but I think Brewer would qualify) and 00s (Campbell) does tend to show that the 70s guys were overfarmed in the main draft.
heh. I feel..... a little vindicated just to read that

PS. I'm still not convinced Al Hamilton was worse than Gibbs...
ugh... well then draft him next time and we will have at it. I doubt you'd have the energy to do it otherwise. I don't think I would!

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