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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I've been meaning to take my atd sheet and maybe add a column for "career midpoint" or something, so I could watch trends as the draft develops.
I would be really interested in the results. IMO, the 70s are probably traditionally overrated for a few reasons:

1) The "older is better / Golden Age of Hockey is golden" GMs really love 50s-70s players. There aren't as many of them now, but they are the guys who really set the original ATD canon.

2) pre-expansion, you just ran out of guys. After 1967, there are so many more players with decent NHL careers to draft.

3) the talent pool in the 70s NHL wasn't actually better than before 1967. In fact, once the WHA came about, it was actually worse - spread out among 2 then 3 times as many teams.

If what I think about the talent pool is representative of what happens in the draft, then the number of players drafted by decade should start to resemble that curve I showed you before.
I forget the exact curve, but yes, basically. I think it should slope up sharply throughout the 70s - but the added players should be mostly European, not North American guys.

I think there are many more 80s and 90s players drafted (and there should be) but the difference is more or less correct and proportional.
In past drafts, I thought the 90s were vastly underrated in ATDs - you had guys like Paul Kariya going 100s of spots under guys like Sid Smith FFS. I think it has basically corrected by this past draft, at least among forwards. It's the post-lockout guys who became overrated, not the 90s guys.

heh. I feel..... a little vindicated just to read that
Honestly, I didn't enjoy constantly trashing Gibbs - it was by far my the least enjoyable part of the MLD for me - but I pretty much was forced to do it. He was the least good member of either team's top 4 I thought.

I had to keep harping on him because a certain nonparticipant felt the need to troll the hell out of Brian Campbell while pointing out that he didn't actually care how he compared to anyone else in this draft. So I felt that I had to keep reminding people that despite Campbell's flaws, the only thing that mattered was how he compared to his Regina counterpart(s).

ugh... well then draft him next time and we will have at it. I doubt you'd have the energy to do it otherwise. I don't think I would!
Eh, we'll see.

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